He’s a bit more reckless and she’s totally on the backfoot and she doesn’t know how to handle this new man, this new face.

  1. Twelve: Clara, I'm not your boyfriend.
  2. Clara: I never--
  3. Twelve: Yet.
  4. Clara: What
  5. Twelve: What


Why (I think) twelve paused when the “damsel in distress” kissed him on the cheek


Man no wonder you were losing to Robin Hood.

(Theory that 12 can be quite the master poet in his little headspace, but doesn’t exactly words properly through his mouth.)


"Is that the Doctor?"

As I wipe the branch from my eye let me just say I loved that he phoned and said goodbye. Because when he regenerated he was so busy saying his final words, he forgot to say goodbye to his impossible girl.